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Looking towards a building businesses in industries across Africa

Onbeperk is an international trading house, with offices and affiliated companies in various countries. Established in 2019, Onbeperk is a modern international marketing and trading organization tuning in to the world’s new industrial, financial and trading requirements with a commitment to growth in a highly competitive environment.

Onbeperk facilitates the identification, vetting and matching of commodity suppliers (primarily in Africa) and buyers around the world.

Though we boast an expansive network, we always ensure that we take the time to build strong long-term relationships with each individual client so that we understand their unique needs and can tailor and align our value addition.

Our Products

Onbeperk offers a diverse matrix of products and a full range of services that simplify and optimise the sourcing of suppliers and buyers globally.

Our presence in Southern Africa as Onbeperk works as an extended arm with its associated members for trading of Diesel and Jet A fuel. Our international buyers trust us in supplying them with their required products directly from the source, and at competitive pricing. We are particularly active in refined petroleum products.

Africa boasts massive deposits of ferrous metals making it a front runner in international markets. At Onbeperk we have managed to tap into groups of reputable suppliers to provide industries around the world with reliable supply chains.

As a characteristically volatile market, precious metals provide massive opportunities but also risks. Onbeperk leverages its network and market knowledge to mitigate risk and match the best trades that benefit all parties.

Onbeperk presence in several African countries offers unique strategic advantages for sourcing high quality agricultural goods. While keeping ethical practices at the forefront, we work with suppliers across the continent to find low cost goods that meet client specifications and that will be delivered on time.

The African manufacturing industry is on a high growth trajectory, higher than in developed countries, meaning there is massive untapped potential as growing supplier networks look to international markets. By working with Onbeperk, buyers are assured that the suppliers they are linked with meet their specific quality standards.