About Us

What We Do

Modern International Marketing

Onbeperk is an international trading house, with offices and affiliated companies in various countries.

Established in 2020, Onbeperk is a modern international marketing and trading organization tuning in to the world’s new industrial, financial and trading requirements with a commitment to growth in a highly competitive environment.

Onbeperk facilitates the identification, vetting and matching of commodity suppliers (primarily in Africa) and buyers around the world.

Though we boast an expansive network, we always ensure that we take the time to build strong long-term relationships with each individual client so that we understand their unique needs and can tailor and align our value addition.

What We Represent

Building strong long-term relationships

Our Creed

To establish a significant presence in the industry of commodity trading by operating with core values of Integrity, Trust and Reliability.

Onbeperk forges long-term trade relationships and accepts full accountability for delivering on its commitments to all parties integral to our business model.

Our Mission

We provide our experience and expertise to reward our clients with cost effective and innovative solutions, surpassing their expectations and mitigating their risk.

We deliver products and services to our international buyers and sellers with consistency and reliability.

Onbeperk acts as managers and facilitators to vet then marry able, willing suppliers and buyers around the world, whilst also acting itself as both end physical buyer and seller of a diverse matrix of products.

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